How do I use Blossom CBD oil?

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Blossom has made an impact on the lives of thousands of pets. We’ve learned a lot from all that experience, but most of all, we’ve learned that every pet is unique -- especially when it comes to dosing. So, it should come at no surprise that the question we get asked most from pet parents is what is the right dose for their pet.

It’s a good question that deserves a good explanation. Below is just that, designed for anyone new to hemp oil and pets.

Guess and Check

It’s helpful to think of Blossom, and its active ingredients (cannabinoids), like the caffeine in coffee. Some people drink a single cup in the morning and are up all night, yet others can drink the same amount right before bed without any issue. For the same reason, it’s important to have a guess-and-check mindset and be comfrotable with experimenting to find what works best.

The good news is that Blossom is completely non-toxic in at 100x the recommended starting dose. Still, your pet might get overly sleepy or have other undesired symptoms at too high a dose, so you it’s best to start small and build up. Where to Start Every bottle of Blossom, excluding the sample size, has a handy to-scale serving chart that tells you exactly how much of our full spectrum hemp oil to start out with.

It should look something like this:

You should use this guide to draw out the right amount of oil depending on the weight of your pet. If your bottle didn’t come with a chart, or if you’d like to know the math, the rest of this section will go into the details. Otherwise, feel free to skip to the next section.

The usual starting point is 1mg of active for every 10lbs of pet weight. So, if your pet weighs 20lbs, you would start with a single serving of 2mg. However, because the active ingredients are disolved (emulsified) into a carrier oil (hemp seed oil), the amount of oil you’ll need will depend on the concentration of your bottle.

Blossom comes in 3 concentrations:

  • 100mg/fl.oz (small dogs and cats)
  • 300mg/fl.oz (medium dogs)
  • 600mg/fl.oz (large dogs).

Your bottle will say in big numbers which concentration you have. Each dropper has milliliters (ml) marking to use as a guide. Use the chart below to figure out how much oil you should measure out for your starting dose.

Example #1: You have a 15lb cat and have the trial size bottle of Blossom. Consulting the chart, you need to feed 0.3ml for every 10lbs of cat. Since your cat weighs 15lbs, that is 0.3ml x 15lb/10lb = 0.45ml.

Example #2 : You have a 70lb dog. You bought the 600mg concentration for large dogs. Consulting the chart, you need to feed 0.05ml for each 10lbs. Since your dog weighs 70lbs, that is 0.05ml x 70lb/10lb = 0.35ml.

How and When to Serve

Most people squeeze the dropper directly into their pets mouth. Blossom has a mild taste, so if your pet will tolearte it, this is the recommended method. Some pets, especially cats, may require more persuading and you may be more successful serving with food.

You can feed Blossom any time. However, it’s best to get into a habit, so choosing a time that will fit your schedule is imporatant. Blossom takes time to be absorbed, so give your pet a few hours at least if feeding before a stressful event like travel or grooming.

How Often to Serve

The starting dose is designed to be the initial daily amount. However, may people prefer to separate doses into day and night or according to a different schedule throughout the day and that is totally fine. This is another good place to experiment and find what works best.

How to Find the Right Dose

Both cannabinoid studies and our own experience show that the full effects of Blossom may take up to a week of consistant use to be fully felt. For that reason, don’t expect to see results immediately, and don’t rush to increase the dosage after just a day or two.

However, if your pet looks exceedingly sleepy that is a good indicator that you should dial back the amount. On the other hand, if the effects aren’t as strong as you would like and you’ve been trying the same dose for a few days, it is fine to increase the dose. We find that increasing by 50% is a good increment, but feel free to use your best judgement.

All that said, there is a shortcut that can help you get to the right dose faster. Generally speaking, more severe symptoms require larger doses. Use this as a guage to decide if your pet should start on a higher dose. The common dosing range is anywhere from 0.5x to 15x the recommended starting dose.

More Questions

The above is designed to answer the most common questions new Blossom feeders have, and to help you have the best results right from the beginning. If you have any additional questions, please don’t hesitate to email or to call us at 1-888-859-4280.

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